Looks like all this is a plan to destroy European households and businesses. Drive everybody into debt and then come up with some sort of CBDC crap to enforce, deeply negative interest rates once they need to, due to a disastrous economy and force a credit system upon everybody.

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The hubris involved here is astounding. The lack of any sort of critical thought is equally on display.

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The price caps are meaningless.

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dey try so hard to silence thought...

Rock On !!!

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Cant decide if putin is a smart or the rest of the world leaders are idiots. But his push for dual or tripolar world order seems to be working.

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i am old enough to remember how nixon's attempt at price controls went....

in those days we believed in say's law, which seems to be discredited.

i see no reason for russia to sell to cappers, and no motive nor capacity for opec+ to comply with weaponizing crude oil.

while usa spr is dangerously close to only light sweet facing low distillate inventories.

libya does not collapse.

venezuela and iran?

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